Major | Department of Chemical Engineering


The Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering at the Shiv Nadar University is the latest addition to this School. The department offers B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering at present and plans to offer more specialized courses in the near future. Traditionally, Chemical Engineering is the branch of engineering that applies scientific and engineering fundamentals for designing and developing new processes for producing/ manufacturing different types of chemical products/ materials used in daily life.

Chemical Engineering is applicable to wide range of technologies such as food, paper, plastic, paint, environment, energy, materials, pharmaceuticals etc. Over the years, the discipline of Chemical Engineering has encompassed other non-traditional areas like biology, biochemical engineering, tissue engineering, material science and engineering, bio-energy, bio-materials in a big way and has evolved as a truly multi-disciplinary area of study.

The Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering enrolled its first batch in 2013 with a modest student and faculty strength. With more batches joining and the initial batches progressing, the department plans to recruit more faculty with global affiliations and credential research focus. A conscious effort is being made to look for faculty specializing in different areas of research so that a wide spectrum of specialization tracks could be offered in B. Tech. as well as in M. Tech. programs. Like all the branches of Engineering, the first year of study for the Chemical Engineering at SNU is also common within School of Engineering. After the students learn and strengthen their base in Basic Sciences and Engineering courses in the first year, specialized coursework for Chemical Engineering is introduced into their curriculum in the later semesters.