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Mass Transfer Lab

Mass transfer operations are primarily the responsibility of chemical engineers, but increasingly practitioners of other engineering disciplines are finding them necessary for their work. The second course on mass transfer introduces separation processes covered in detail include distillation, L-L extraction, S-L extraction, drying and crystallisation. Also, modelling, design and performance calculation aspects of separation processes using rate-based and equilibrium stage based modelling approaches covered in detail. This laboratory is part of this course and would help students to understand better the  operating principle and applications of mass transfer equipment. 

The purpose of this lab is to introduce the undergraduate students to the most important separation equipment in the process industry and provide a hands-on training of the proper operation of these units. This helps in not only understanding the theoretical fundamentals of the subject but also helps to visualize its real-world applications in the process industry. This laboratory covers the following experiments: Vapour in Air Diffusion Apparatus, Solid in Air Diffusion Apparatus, Diffusion in Liquids, Absorption in Wetted Wall Column, Simple Batch Distillation Set up, Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium Set up, Sieve Plate Distillation Column, Rotary Dryer, Liquid-Liquid Extraction, Solid-Liquid Extraction (bonnet Type), Swenson Walker Crystallizer and mass transfer with& without chemical reaction.


D-113, D-Block

Dr. V M Rajesh