Laboratories | Department of Chemical Engineering


  • Unit Operations Lab

    The Unit Operations Lab consists of several equipment regarding various unit operations like crushing, milling, filteration etc.

  • Mass Transfer Lab

    The purpose of this lab is to introduce the undergraduate students to the most important separation equipment in the process industry and provide a hands-on training of the proper operation of... read more

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab

    The Lab consists of several equipment to teach students about various types of reactors like Batch Reactor, Continuous Stirred Reactor (CSTR), and Plug Flow Reactor (PFR) and their operation under... read more

  • Process Control Lab

    The Process Control Lab has several modules to teach various aspects of control theory ranging from simple mercury manometer to Flow-Control, Pressure Control modules etc. 30 students can perform... read more

  • Chemical Engineering Computational Lab

    The Lab is situated at C-308 in C-Block, third floor. The lab comprises of 18 Desktops. The lab is equipped with high speed internet. There is provision for Overhead Projector (OHP) too... read more