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Manufacturing Processes

Unit-I Carpentry Shop – Basic concepts, Types of woods and their properties, Seasoning of wood, Carpentry tools, Carpentry Processes, Carpentry joints Fitting Bench Working Shop – Introduction, Vices, Fitting tools, Fitting Processes
Unit-II Welding Shop - Introduction to welding, Weldability, Types of welding, Metallurgy of Weld, Arc Welding, Resistance Welding, Spot Welding Machine Shop - Introduction to machine tools and machining processes; Types of cutting tools, Selection of cutting speeds and feed, Simple machining operations on Lathe
Unit-III Metal Forming: Basic metal forming operations & uses of such as: Forging, Rolling, Wire & Tubedrawing/making and Extrusion, and its products/applications. Press-work, & die & punch assembly, cutting and forming, its applications. Hot-working versus cold-working.
Misc. Processes: Powder-metallurgy process & its applications, Plastic-products manufacturing, Galvanizing and Electroplating.
Unit-IV Sheet Metal Shop -Introduction to sheet metal shop, Metals used in sheet metal works, Hand tools and accessories e.g. different types of hammers, hard and soft mallet, Sheet Metal operation, Sheet Metal Joints Hems and Seams, Sheet metal allowance, Sheet Metal working machines Foundry Shop – Introduction, Pattern Materials, Method of constructing a pattern, Moulding Processes.

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