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Material and Energy Balance

Unit 1(Lecturer 1-3)
 Units and Dimensions, Conversion of Units and conversion factors, Dimensional consistency and Mole unit, Density, specific gravity, mole Fraction and mass fraction, Concentration, Temperature and pressure.
Unit 2 (Lecturer 4-8)
 Basis, General Material Balance, Material Balance without chemical reaction, Material Balance with chemical reaction, Material balances with multiple subsystems.
Unit 3 (Lecturer 8-14)
 Recycle bypass and purge calculations, Ideal gas calculations, Ideal gas mixtures and partial pressure, Vapor pressure, saturation, partial saturation and humidity.
Unit 4 (Lecturer 15-21)
 The General Energy balance, Calculations of enthalpy changes, Enenrgy balances that account for chemical reactions.
Unit 5 (Lecturer 22-28)
 Heat of solution and mixing, Humidity charts and their use, Analyzign the degree of freedom in a steady state process, solving material and energy balance using flow sheeting codes.

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