Intro. to Water Pollution | Department of Chemical Engineering

Intro. to Water Pollution

Content of the course
• Introduction
• Water quality parameters: Physical, Chemical and Biological
• Water purification processes in natural systems, Response of streams to biodegradable organic waste
• Engineered systems for water purification
• Engineered systems for wastewater treatment and disposal
Reference books:
• Metcalf & Eddy, “Wastewater engineering- treatment and reuse”, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi.
• Masters, G.M., Ela, W.P. “Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science”, Pearson publication.
• Peavy, H. S., Rowe, D. R., Tchobanoglous, G.,“Environmental Engineering” ; McGraw Hill.

Evaluation Scheme:
Quiz 1: 30 marks
Quiz 2: 30 marks
Assignments:10 marks
Final term exam: 30 marks
Total marks: 100

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