Industrial pollution abatement | Department of Chemical Engineering

Industrial pollution abatement

Content of the course
• Types of pollution: Water pollution, Air pollution, noise pollution.
• Industrial Waste water characterization including physical, chemical, and biological characterization
• Industrial waste water management processes including physical processes, chemical processes, and biological processes.
• Industrial air pollution characterization and treatment techniques.
• Noise pollution: Source, Health effect, Characterization and control measures
• Types of different Industrial solid waste, Solid waste management including 4 R’s: Reduce, Recycle, Rebuy and Reuse.

Reference books:
•Metcalf & Eddy, “Wastewater engineering- treatment and reuse”, Tata McGraw-
Hill, New Delhi.
•Masters, G.M., Ela, W.P. “Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science”,
Pearson publication.
•Garg, S.K., “Sewage disposal and Air Pollution Engineering”, Khanna publishers,
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Evaluation Scheme:
Quiz 1: 20 marks
Quiz 2: 20 marks
Final term exam: 60
Total marks: 100

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