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Chemical Engg. Laboratory - I

Course Summary

This course supplements the understanding of fluid flow/ heat transfer problems achieved during the undergraduate Fluid Mechanics (FM) and Heat Transfer (HT) course through live examples. This lab course involves performing the experiments utilising the taught principles.

Course Aims

To enable students to relate and develop their understanding of theoretical concepts taught in the lectures through the respective experiments.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, the students will:
1. have an improved understanding of the principles of FM and HT;
2. learn how to conduct an experiment for fluid flow and heat exchange related problems;
3. apply basic principles to solve real life problem based on FM and HT;
4. be able to record experimental data, interpret and represent conclusive findings; and
4. be able to design simple experimental setups.

Curriculum Content

List of experiments for Fluid Mechanics:

Obstruction type flow meters
Pressure measurements
Bernoulli’s theorem
Reynolds experiment and determination of friction factor
Pipe flow

List of experiments for Heat Transfer:

Heat conduction: Composite wall and lagged pipe
Heat conduction: Heat transfer through pin fin apparatus
Heat convection: Heat transfer in natural and forced convection
Heat radiation: Emissivity measurement
Parallel and counter flow heat exchanger

Teaching and Learning Strategy

The course entails conducting practical experiments. The subjective concepts have been covered in previous semesters in dedicated courses.
Teaching and Learning Strategy Description of Work Class Hours Out-of-Class Hours
Practical sessions Performing experiments 2 hours/week 0 hour/week


Assessment Scheme

Type of Assessment Description Percentage
Pre-experimental quiz Continuous evaluation for all experiments 20
Experiments, laboratory reports Performing experiments and its continuous evaluation and writing final report. 50
End-sem viva Final practical exam with viva 30
Total 100%

R. W. Fox and A. T. McDonald, Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
Frank M. White, Fluid Mechanics
W. L. McCabe, W. L. Smith, and P. Harriot, Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering
R. B. Bird, W. L. Stewart and E. L. Lightfoot, Transport Phenomena
JP Holman, Heat Transfer
Incropera Dewitt, Principles of Heat and Mass Transfer

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