Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering Doctoral Programme (SoE) - Shiv Nadar IoE

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

CHemical engineering  Ph.D. program will prepare and train experts and leaders in the chemical engineering and related fields. Our Ph.D. graduates will be experts in their research field, be familiar and competent in a broad array of chemical engineering techniques, and will be effective communicators and teachers of basics of chemical engineering who can mentor and lead future mathematical scienti

Key Information

Chemical Engineering
School of Engineering (SoE)
Dr. Sanjeev Yadav
01203819100, ext.202
Total Credits
University Wide Electives (min) 
(Minimum UWE credits required is 12)
Minor Eligibilty 


Our program is structured to both broaden and deepen our students' knowledge in the chemical engineering and ultimately to transition these students from accomplished and highly competent students to talented and insightful researchers.


Entering students are expected to have basic courses in heat transfer, mass transfer, fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomenon etc. in their master's and bachelor's degree.

Ph.D. Coursework

The coursework of a Ph.D. student must include at least 12 hours of non-research, non-professional development graduate courses at the 4000 level or above. Courses taken in order to fulfill another degree may not be counted. The Ph.D. coursework should also include at least 3 hrs of TA (Teaching Assitant) work.

Comprehensive Oral Examination

Within two year of their admission, a Ph.D. student must complete a comprehensive oral examination given by his or her research committee. This comprehensive examination is designed to demonstrate the student's ability to complete his or her Ph.D. research.

Research and Dissemination of Results

The final and most difficult requirement of the Ph.D. degree is the Ph.D. dissertation.  Ph.D. students are required to write a Ph.D. dissertation detailing their original and significant contributions to the body of research in their area of concentration and defend it.